When the US goes to war with China, India will play the role

India will send troops to fight alongside the US in its war on China, a senior government official has said, a move that could further complicate relations with the Chinese military.

The official said the military presence of the US will be limited to a small area of about 100 square kilometers in South East Asia and in the Indian Ocean region in the face of Chinese threats, Reuters reported on Sunday.

“The US is not allowed to conduct operations in the area of the South China Sea in the event of a conflict,” Defence Minister S. Arun Jaitley said at a defence ministry event in New Delhi on Sunday, according to Reuters.

Jaitley’s remarks came a day after India and the United States engaged in a battle over China’s claims in the South East Asian region.

Earlier on Sunday in New York, Trump met Chinese President Xi Jinping for talks on regional issues and bilateral trade.

Trump had earlier warned Beijing that it was not welcome in the US, as he accused China of manipulating the Asian market for its own gain.