Tube drivers to get new injection machines

The Government has announced a raft of new injection machine technologies to help keep Britain’s underground, where the country’s worst outbreaks of plague have taken place, running smoothly. 

The machines are to be rolled out across the country, with the first to be installed in Barking, south London, on Tuesday.

The government has also introduced a £5 million funding injection to boost the number of injection stations in Britain.

A spokesman said: “We have introduced an injection system to help reduce the number and severity of outbreaks.

It’s now being used to help control the spread of plague in the UK and around the world.”

We’re investing in the technology so that the machines can be fitted with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents, which will prevent the spread and spread of infections.

“This will enable us to keep the public safe and to prevent the recurrence of the pandemic.”

He added that the injection stations would be equipped with sensors to monitor people’s movements.

There are around 4,000 injection machines in Britain, many of which are still in use in Britain after a programme was halted in 2009 amid concerns about their safety.