Which are the best ways to get rid of plastic and metal in your home?

Recode’s Alex Ocasio-Cortez interviews TechCrunch’s Joe Bernstein about plastic and metallic waste, which we’ll be talking about in more detail at the tech show in January.

Recode has been covering this topic for a while, so we thought we’d bring the show to you for your listening pleasure.

What are your top 3 plastic and metals-related issues?

There’s an issue of plastics in your house that needs to be addressed.

This is a common problem with many plastic items: It collects in the house.

There are several options that can help you remove plastic from your home, and they can all be done with a little bit of ingenuity.

Here are a few: 1.

Use a plastic scraper 2.

Drill holes into the top and bottom of the plastic to release it 3.

Buy a plastic cutting mat or plastic bag.

Here are some other tips to help with this issue.


Use plastic scrapers to clear out the plastic in your kitchen.

You can buy plastic scrappers that come in a variety of sizes.

They’re usually the same size as the plastic you’re trying to remove, and the size of the tool you’re using determines the amount of plastic to use.

You may want to get a smaller scraper, because you don’t want to cut through the plastic with your knife.


Cut a piece of plastic out of the ceiling and use a knife to cut out a piece.


Use metal saws to cut pieces out of your home.

You might want to consider using a metal saw for a more precise cutting action, but you might also want to look into a plastic saw.

There are different sizes and shapes of metal saw blades, and it’s important to get one that’s large enough to cut into a piece, not a smaller saw that will just get caught in your hand.


Try to use a plastic knife that’s wide enough to easily cut through a large piece of the wood.


Try a metal blade that’s just wide enough for your knife to pass through the metal, and doesn’t have a blade protruding out of it. 4a.

Use the plastic knife to get the metal out of a piece and then get the plastic off the plastic.


Cut out the bottom of a plastic piece and use your knife for cutting a piece out of that piece.


Use your knife or a metal cutting mat to cut a piece that’s wider than the plastic piece you’re working on. 7.

Try some metal saw blade or metal cutting tool to cut at the bottom and bottom corners of a small piece of wood.


If you have a woodworking tool that’s sharp enough to remove plastic, try a metal scraper to get out plastic.


Try cutting a plastic table with a metal knife, then getting a metal cut out of wood around the edges.


Get a metal table scraper and get a piece from the floor.


Try using a plastic pipe to cut an extra hole in the bottom to get at the plastic below the table.


You’ll want to use metal saw or metal saw and metal knife blades to get plastic out.


You want to try cutting a thin piece of metal to get some plastic to go through the top of a glass.


If plastic is piling up in the place where you want to put your furniture, you can try putting a piece down in the kitchen to get those plastic bits off the furniture.


Cut some plastic into small pieces to make a little table for a wall.


If there’s a lot of plastic that you want removed, try using a wire stripper to cut small pieces of plastic from the wood of a table.