Why Uber is building a machine that injects an injection into the veins of its customers

BY MARK KANE/Associated PressUber’s self-driving cars are being tested in Arizona, and the company is expanding to a second state.

The company is looking to test a new injection-modelling system at a new site in a remote area in Southwestern New Mexico.

The system will inject a fluid into a vein in the car’s driver, then measure how much it takes to pump the fluid through the car.

Uber is also testing its autonomous cars in California, and a third state.

In other words, it is expanding its testing of its vehicles to new locations.

Uber has been testing self-drive cars at sites in the United States, but in recent months it has started testing autonomous vehicles in Arizona.

The Arizona test is expected to be the first autonomous driving test site to be used for its self-drivers, according to a company release.

Uber says it has a lot of testing to do.

In December, the company announced that it would open a new facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Uber says the new location will provide more testing and training for self-driven car teams and provide a testing environment that will be similar to the testing facility it currently operates in California.