Why you should buy a LHS-9 injection machine: We found a great deal, and it’s worth the money

LHS stands for Large Hose System, and a LGH stands for Long-Handed Gonad-Ectopic Gonad (the machine that injects the sperm into the egg).

Both of these machines have been around for a while, but the one in my backyard is probably the most popular of the bunch.

It was invented by Japanese company, Zorn.

The company has a line of injection machines called LGH, and they’re great for couples who want to inject their sperm into their eggs without having to wait to see if they get pregnant.

If you’re looking for a new injection machine that you can use with a partner or don’t want to use a partner, you should definitely check out Zorn’s LGH injection machine.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the LGH-2 or LGH 3, but if you’re wondering, LGH 4 is also available.

The LGH is similar to a syringe syringe, but it has a needle attached to it that’s hooked up to a cord.

It’s like a pair of little, disposable, disposable needles.

It comes in various sizes, including a syringes size of 3/4 inch, which is great for injection in a pinch.

LGH machines also come with a sysex kit that includes a condom, vaseline, an IV bag, and other items.

LHS is a much cheaper option than LGHs, at about $400 on Amazon, and if you use it with a condom or two, you’re paying about $50 a month.

I’ve heard great things about the LHS, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something cheap and easy to use.