How to get the best out of Flexite injection machines

Now, the machine has been around for a few years, but its only recently become widely available, thanks to a partnership with UK-based company Flexite.

Now, you might not have seen a Flexite-branded machine on your local shop shelves, but it’s available to order from Amazon for just £20.

The machine comes with an 8mm-diameter bore that is threaded to accept a standard 12mm socket, and you can mount the socket on a piece of wood.

When it’s time to use the injection tool, you’ll simply plug the nozzle into the nozzle and insert the tool, which has a spring that will allow the machine to work.

And, as you might expect, this machine is well worth the £20 you might pay for it.

There’s also a dedicated “injection chamber” which will accept an 8.5mm nozzle, and the machine is designed to use up to three Flexite cartridges.

The injection chamber is also designed to be able to hold three cartridges of various diameters, and allows for the installation of standard cartridges.

And yes, the machines also come with a convenient plastic tray that can be attached to the injection chamber for storing other accessories such as a toolbox.

The machines are now available to buy from Amazon, and it’s worth noting that they’re currently only available in the UK.