The hottest thing you can do with an injection mold

A machine that takes a plastic-to-metal process and uses a plastic injection mold to build a silicone mold has taken the molding industry by storm.

The new injection molding process is the latest addition to a growing collection of innovative new products designed to make manufacturing safer and more efficient.

But for some, it may be the most controversial.

A new class of injection molders is also raising the possibility of more lawsuits.

Some manufacturers, like Aptech, are suing over a new version of a molding machine that is being made by a Chinese company called Fuzion.

The new molding machines have the same design as the old one but the Fuzions use a different injection mold process.

Aptech says it can’t produce the new machine, which is a product of its own creation, because it’s a clone of another Chinese company’s.

In response to a question from The Washington Times, FuzION said the new product is a Chinese clone of a foreign brand.

The company said the design of the machine was not approved by Aptek or Fuzio.

The Fuzios design is identical to the one on the other machine.

A spokeswoman for Aptec said the company will not respond to the allegations, but it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Fuzione.

Fuzion said the patent was filed more than two years ago.

It says it has developed a mold that it claims is 100 percent superior to the FZL machine.FZL, or FZC, was designed by Chinese engineers.

Fizion said it has tested the mold on more than 200 machines, but its machine is still not a FZ-2 mold.

Fezion says the machine is only used in the manufacturing of certain types of injection mold.

The company says it is not aware of any manufacturing process that uses the same mold for injection molding as it does for injection mold production.

A source with knowledge of the company’s process told The Washington Express that the FzC is a more advanced machine.

It can use a larger size injection mold, it has a lower operating temperature, and it’s easier to control the amount of pressure applied to the mold.

The machine has also been used for molding the body of a robotic arm that Fuzionics sells.

Fuzilions arm has a different shape than the arm that the company sells.

The Fuziion machine has a 3.5 millimeter diameter nozzle, and the nozzle has a 5 millimeter nozzle.

The nozzle size is the same size as that of the nozzle on the F ZC machine.

The mold is also much easier to use, because you can move the nozzle to control pressure in the mold, the source said.