What’s next for the world’s largest injection machine company?

It’s been a wild ride for Hydroxy and its competitors, but the company now seems to have a long way to go to catch up to its rivals in the field.

The world’s biggest injection machine maker, Hydroxy, has now been acquired by a Japanese company.

It has been quietly bought by Tokyo-based Daigo Corp, a company that makes injection machines and other similar technologies, according to The Financial Times.

It is one of the biggest companies in the world that has a huge market share in the area of injection machines.

The company is known for its advanced technology, including the Hydraulic Injection Machine and its Rainbow Injection machine, which are among the world’ most sophisticated.

Hydroxy has been working on its own injection machines for about five years.

Daigo was set to acquire Hydroxy in early 2017, but Daigo pulled out before the deal was finalized.

The deal for Daigo is the largest in injection machine technology history.

It will also see Hydroxy acquire a variety of related companies including injection machines, systems, engineering and manufacturing.

It is also likely to acquire more than 200 of its current injection machine production sites.

There are currently three injection machines at Hydroxy’ facility in Saitama, Japan, which is used for delivering injections.

Daigos machines will be moved to new facilities at another site in China, according a company statement.

The other two injection machines currently at Hydropy are located in Japan and are expected to be sold to a buyer in 2018.

A number of other companies have also been acquired, including a number of injection machine manufacturers.

The acquisition of Daigo will add another injection machine factory to the company’s portfolio.

The new acquisition is expected to lead to more growth in injection machines as Daigo expands its operations.

Daigo said in a statement that the acquisition will strengthen the company, as well as its relationships with the key stakeholders.