How to kill your enemies with a simple syringe

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The machine gun has an iron trigger and a folding magazine, similar to an AK-47, which can hold about a 30-round clip.

The machine gun uses a laser, which is fired from a laser sight, to aim and fire.

The weapon uses a high-powered laser to fire its bullets.

The weapon is one of the many in the AR-15 family of rifles.

The AR-10 is the most popular rifle in the U.S., but it has a large number of accessories that make it suitable for use by civilians.

The AR-16 is an upgraded version of the AR platform, and has an enlarged stock and a longer barrel that are much more powerful than the AR10.

The barrel can hold a 20-round magazine.

The .50 BMG is a semi-automatic weapon that fires 5-round bursts of .50-caliber ammunition, but the round count can be up to five shots.

The military uses the M855 round, which uses a copper cartridge to reduce recoil, as a projectile in its M1A1 carbines.

It is the round that kills the majority of people who have been shot by a sniper.

The round is not particularly powerful and is not generally found in civilian hands.

The M224 is a small-caliber weapon that can be used by special forces and police forces, or by civilians to take down insurgents and terrorists.

The M224 can be modified for use with the M193 round, the most powerful round of the M1 rifle.

The rifle can fire .50 caliber bullets.

A special version of this weapon, the M220, is used by the Mexican military.

The version that is in this video was manufactured by FN and is a scaled down version of a military variant.

The Army has modified this weapon for the military, and it is called the M225.

This version has a much larger magazine and is more accurate, but it uses a longer, heavier barrel.

The SIG-Sauer P226 is a lightweight, semi-automated, automatic weapon that is commonly found in the hands of law enforcement.

It fires 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges.

The P226 was developed by SIG SAUER, and was originally intended for police departments, but was also sold to private military companies such as American Tactical and SRS Tactical.

The SIG-P226 is designed for use as a backup weapon for a firearm with a large caliber such as an AK, SIG SAX, or M16, and is able to fire the .223 round.

The .22-caliber cartridge is a heavy bullet, and can have a high recoil.

It has been used by military forces since the Vietnam War.

The 9mm P226 (also called the SIG-TEC-9, the SIG Sauer P227, or SIG SDP-9) is a high capacity semi-auto pistol with a rotating bolt.

It features a rotating magazine.

The 9mm is the best-known caliber for the use by law enforcement in the United States, but there are other options.

The Ruger 10/22 has a rotating barrel that allows it to fire 9mm cartridges at a faster rate than other 9mm pistols.

The 10/24 has a fixed barrel, but can be swapped for a 9mm barrel at the cost of accuracy.

The 7.65mm Glock is a Glock-style pistol, designed to be used for concealed carry.

It uses a polymer frame and slide that can slide into an ambidextrous grip.

The gun has a standard slide and hammer that can accept the Glock-standard safety.

The Beretta M9 is an inexpensive pistol, which has a folding stock