When will we be able to buy the Flexite injection cylinder?

The world’s largest injection-machines maker, Flexite, is in the midst of a $300 million (£187 million) injection-machine buyback program.

The injection-tubes maker said it will be offering $10,000 discounts for new customers and $100,000 savings for existing customers for the second time in two years, according to Reuters.

The program, which will also cover older machines, is part of a broader $1.3 billion buyback of injection machines and equipment.

The announcement follows an agreement in December to buy $100 million worth of injectors, valves and pumps from Swiss company Siemens AG.

The company will pay a $150,000 cash deposit on each injection machine, with a $50,000 bonus for new orders and an additional $50 million cash deposit if the machines were purchased by new customers.

This comes after a similar buyback by Flexite last year.

Injection machines used to make gasoline and diesel, as well as electric motors and electric drive systems, are increasingly being purchased by companies that have not invested in the equipment and the injection process itself.

A similar buyout was announced last year, when the US-based company agreed to buy 500 injection-tubing machines from GE for $1 billion.

It comes amid growing demand for new injection-mechanisms.

In a report in February, the US government reported that demand for injection machines has been rising by 30 percent year-on-year.

This has led to a glut of equipment available to companies, including suppliers, which are looking for the most efficient, cost-effective and efficient methods to deliver fuel to the country’s growing fleets of vehicles.