Sony, EA & others to make Madden game with new player-versus-player system

A new Madden game is being developed with Microsoft, EA and other big names as part of an effort to improve the multiplayer aspects of the upcoming release.

The new title is expected to be called Madden NFL 18. 

“As we’re making this next step forward, we’re really focusing on the game itself and making sure that we’re delivering a great experience,” EA senior director of creative content Dan Knudsen told Entertainment Weekly.

“There’s a lot of new stuff coming to the game.

And the way we’re building it is with players and it’s a game that you play with others.”

Madden NFL has been around for almost two decades, but is in its second year.

The game is set in the modern era, but in this new iteration, the focus is on the player-vs-player aspect of the game, and the ability to customize your team, customize the playbook, and have players battle in a series of simulated stadiums.

The first NFL video game to be built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, Madden NFL is the first of many in the NFL’s future line of products that will be built with the new game engine.

The platform is currently owned by Electronic Arts, who has a stake in EA Sports.

“We are building Madden NFL with Microsoft and EA, as we build the rest of the portfolio,” Knudson said.

“And with the ability of the cloud, we can build on top of the best of the industry and make sure that the best content and the best player experience is coming to these platforms.”

EA is planning to launch its own video game with a similar title, Madden Ultimate Team, next year.

Knudsons comments to EW follow a recent report from Bloomberg that said EA and Microsoft were working on a Madden game.

The Bloomberg report said the teams are working on the new Madden franchise, but that the game would be set in a different universe.

EA has been building the Madden franchise for years, with several iterations of the title.

Last year, the Madden team announced that they were building a third game, Madden 17, with a focus on the football genre.

This year, EA is expected use a new generation of technology to make the new NFL game, but the specifics of that game remain under wraps.