Why a doctor injected gypsums in a woman’s breasts

A Texas doctor is under investigation for injecting saline into the breasts of a woman, an apparent violation of medical protocol and potentially putting her at risk of breast cancer.

The incident occurred last year, and a video posted online by the Austin American-Statesman shows the woman being injected with saline from a syringe.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, says she felt pain in her arms, but was not sure what was wrong.

“I was just a bit shaken up, like I had a headache,” she said.

“It wasn’t a pain in my chest, it wasn’t something where I thought I had an infection.”

She said she was told to lie down on the ground and wait while a doctor went over her body.

The doctor took a look at her chest and told her it was fine.

“He said it was the same thing that I had been having,” she recalled.

“So he said, ‘You’re fine, just lay down.'”

She asked if it was okay if she was put in a hospital.

The doctor said it would be fine.

“The doctor said she could wait, and then told her to stand up.”

You’re not going to get an infection.

You’re not getting any symptoms.

It was just another one of those things,” she told the doctor.

The woman said she began having other symptoms that included swelling in her neck and back and feeling hot.

She had to take a shower to wash off the fluid.

After the shower, the doctor injected the woman with saline.

The Texas Medical Board said on Thursday it was investigating the incident.

The state Board of Medical Examiners could not immediately be reached for comment.