U.S. Senate votes to expand marijuana medical use

The U.N. Security Council approved a draft resolution Thursday to expand the medical use of marijuana, as the U.K. and France seek to join Canada and the U, the council said.

U.S., Canada and France are pushing to expand use of cannabis for medical purposes, with the United States voting on a draft measure that would allow medical marijuana patients to use up to 10 grams of marijuana per day.

Uganda, Mexico and the Netherlands also supported the measure, which passed on a vote of 13-8.

It now goes to the full 15-member council.

The council also approved a resolution to support the U-turn of the United Kingdom, which voted to allow medicinal use of pot.

The British parliament voted against decriminalizing marijuana in the country in a vote last week.

The U.A.E. has long resisted legalizing cannabis, arguing that it will only lead to more use of drugs.

Britain, France and the United Nations are now expected to pass a draft marijuana legalization resolution next month.