Google’s JSw injection polymer, the first machine to mix up water and sand

Google is rolling out a machine that can mix up two-thirds of the water and sands in a container before mixing them together in a single injection process.

The JSw is Google’s first polymer machine that combines the most commonly used polymer types and the properties of the two together.

The machine uses a mixture of water and a mix of sand that can be piped in a plastic pipe or an injection chamber.

The machine, which Google describes as the world’s first injection polymer process, will be available in late 2017 or early 2018.

It’s not the first polymer process that Google has rolled out.

In April, the company launched the company’s first polymeric machine, the JSw, in order to mix water and oil into a single liquid.

Google says that the JSW machine is a more advanced version of its previous polymer machines, and that the machine is faster, more accurate and can handle a much larger volume of water.

Google’s polymer machines have the potential to be used to manufacture various products, from sensors to prosthetic limbs.

The JSw machine will be the first one to combine the properties and processes of both polymer materials.

Google says that this machine will create up to 300 gallons of water in a 30-minute period, which is equivalent to making up to one liter of water for every hour of work, or about 3,200 gallons of oil.