How to use a hydraulic injection machine to inject water into your toilet

How to make your own haitian machine.

A haitia injection machine is a machine that is capable of injecting water through a tube or a funnel into a water-filled reservoir.

It’s basically a water bottle, but it can be shaped into a container that you can pour water into and then pump the water out through a nozzle.

The device can be set to perform several tasks, like making your toilet water taste good, or it can simply be used to pour water for drinking purposes.

The process of making a haitiao injection machine involves drilling a hole in the wall and then using an electric drill to cut the tube out of the wall.

Then, using a piece of metal, you can attach the tubing and fill it up with water.

You can then remove the tube and pour it into the reservoir, which then fills up with the water.

You can also use a hose to pour the water through the nozzle, which can be attached to a bucket, a hose clamp, or a small metal pipe.

If you’re using a bucket to pour it in, you’ll need to fill it with water first, which is why the bucket is important.

You’ll also need to use an air filter to filter out any air that might get trapped inside the tubing.

To make the haitiya injection machine look a bit like a regular water bottle and make it easier to hold, you should first fill the bucket with a lot of water.

Once you’ve filled the bucket, you’re going to need to put some tubing over the bottom to hold the water in place.

This will allow the water to flow down the tube.

Once the tubing is in place, you will then put some type of plastic on top of the tubing, which will stop the water from flowing out of it.

You will then then need to attach the hose clamp to the inside of the bucket to attach it to the machine.

Then you’ll put some water in and wait for the machine to pump the air out of its reservoir.

The machine will then release the water as it pumps the air through the tube, which means that you will have a fresh supply of water to use for drinking.

This is a basic haitiei injection machine from the company that makes it, and it’s one of the simplest to make.

You will need to buy a set of tubes, some wire, a bucket and a pipe for this one, and a bucket or hose clamp for another one.

Once it’s all done, you have to drill a hole through the wall, and then attach a metal pipe to the top of it to attach a tube to it.

Then connect the tube to the bucket or the clamp, and you have a water fountain machine.

It can then be used for drinking or to wash the dishes.

To see a video of how to make a haita injection machine click here.

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